Hopland Premium Beer

Hopland Premium Beer - Bottle
Hopland Premium Beer - Closeup logo
Hopland Premium Beer - Business cards
Hopland Beers - Car graphics

Hopland Beers have been producing handmade beverages for over 25 years. All this started as a hobby project from Kevin’s shed and grew in to a full time business producing beers and ales for events such as festivals. INKSET were approached by Hopland Beers to design a brand for their latest product with a very tight deadline attached.

The idea was to bring together the classic style of old breweries yet modern enough to not look out of place amongst modern brands. What we came up with was a mixture of flat design combined with a bit of realism.

The result was branding that could be used on both screen and print….and even burnt on to wood! We came up with designs for the product, literature and advertisement.

Hopland Premium Beer

Branding / Illustration


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