Graphic design in Portsmouth is where we started from. Being designers, we like to get stuck in to most things creative.

INKSET is a young company built on the strengths of the talent it carries. With a team used to working with big brands and prominent designers in and around London, capturing inspiration is something we’ve never been short of.


Your brand is what sets you apart from your competitors; it is the identity that your potential customers will recognise you by.


Through use of image, colour, typography and space, purposeful designs will allow communication of strong messages visually.

Website Design

Modern web design optimised for speed and mobile devices. An online portal for your business. Includes hosting and email.


Help promote your business by capturing beautiful and creative images. Also a powerful medium for decoration or to record magical moments.


Working alongside reputable designers, architects and contractors; he has spearheaded some of the largest manifestation jobs in Europe.

His idea of design is to keep it simple, attractive and informative.


With a background involving organisation and coordination, business development has come naturally to Kerry.

Having many ties in Portsmouth, it’s quite often she’s connecting businesses.

Bringing ideas together is what we’re good at. Creating strong messages for the right audience is how we roll these ideas in to creative and functional outcomes.

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